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Call for Papers: Gender & Development; Migration

The March 2011 issue of the international journal Gender & Development, (published for Oxfam GB by Routledge/Taylor and Francis) will focus on Migration. This issue invites articles from development practitioners working from a gender perspective: Analysing and researching the experiences of migrants and their loved ones; Understanding rural to urban links in livelihoods; Supporting and  advocating for the rights of women and men who have undergone forced migration; Tracking how change occurs in gender relations as a result of migration. 
Deadline for proposed ideas: June 14, 2010.
Gender & Development publishes articles which share insights from research and from practical development work. If you have practical experience to share of working on, or researching migration from a gender and development perspective, Gender & Development would like to publish an article from you.
Gender & Development envisages focusing on questions including:
* What do migration, and ideas of ‘home’, mean to the women and men who travel far from their home and loved ones? Grounded case studies of specific experiences of rural to urban migration, and development in both ‘sending’ and ‘receiving’ locations.
* What conditions do women – and men – migrants face, how is their experience related to gender, race and class, and how can they overcome challenges to ensure the experience actually benefits them? How can humanitarian and/or development NGOs facilitate and support them to do this?
* What case studies exist of innovative development or humanitarian projects which have supported migrants, or refugees, and focused on the gender perspectives to be drawn from these experiences?
* How can development workers and researchers work with mobile populations of migrants, whose livelihoods span several different locations, in ways which improve their resilience to economic crisis, while supporting gender equality and women’s rights?
* What are the challenges for political activism and community development of working with migrant populations – again, from a gender perspective? Case studies with lessons.
If you would like to share your experience of working on any of the above, or have other ideas about articles we should commission, please send a paragraph outlining your proposed idea to gadeditor(at)oxfam.org.uk, as soon as possible, and before the commissioning deadline: 14 June 2010. If Gender Development is able to offer space for your contribution, they will write to you by 20 June to say so.
Commissioned articles will need to be completed for a deadline of 15 September 2010.
G&D particularly welcomes contributions from first-time writers and we will provide the necessary support for you to share your development experience and expertise through the journal.
Please note G&D has an editorial policy of publishing in clear, jargon-free English, in
order to be of use to the widest possible readership. Practitioners and activists, as well as researchers, are invited to write for G&D, and editorial support is available for all writers who would like it.
For more information about the journal including full guidelines for contributors, please visit www.genderanddevelopment.org

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