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Call for Papers: Law for Social-Ecological Resilience

Deadline for Papers: 8 August 2010
17-19 November 2010
Stockholm, Sweden
Law for Social-Ecological Resilience: an international and transdisciplinary conference at Stockholm University will take place from 17-19 November 2010.
The conference is now open for registration and calls for papers, at: http://www.juridicum.su.se/resilience
Dead-line for submitting papers is 8 August 2010.
Submitters will be informed about approvals of papers by 15 August 2010.
"Law for Social-Ecological Resilience" will highlight the impact of law on environmental governance, ecosystem management and sustainability policies – ranging from local to global contexts, and from local to global law. Legal structures, principles and processes, as well as core concepts of the rule of law, impinge on the capacity of societies to manage ecosystems, withstand environmental degradation as well as economic shocks, and rebuild and renew itself afterwards.
"Law for Social-Ecological Resilience" will assess, analyse and debate the impact of law in these respects – and thus further the understanding of the role of law and improve the prospects for environmental governance and sustainable development.
"Law for Social-Ecological Resilience" is co-arranged by the Stockholm Environmental Law and Policy Centre, at the Faculty of Law, and the Stockholm Resilience Centre, both at Stockholm University.
For information and updates, look at the Conference website: http://www.juridicum.su.se/resilience

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  1. Prezada Doutora Lívia,
    excelente este espaço criado pela senhora, e oportunas as informações aqui postadas. Sobre a chamada em foco, estudo a questão há algum tempo, porém, preciso de mais fontes de pesquisa. A senhora indica alguma?
    Álvaro Fernando De Angelis