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The Revue d’Etudes Benthamiennes is a peer-reviewed online periodical, which has been published by the Centre Bentham since 2006. Its aim is to contribute to academic debates on all aspects of classical and contemporary Utilitarianism. The theme of the Autumn 2011 issue will be “Utilitarian Ethics”. The editors invite submissions from scholars in all disciplinary fields.

In An Introduction to the Principles of Morals and Legislation(1789), J. Bentham presented the Utilitarian calculus as a method to arbitrate on moral issues. He proposed a consequentialist approach based on an assessment of the pleasures and painsresulting from each action, in opposition to appeals to religiousdoctrine or to a universal “moral sense”. Bentham however focusedmore on the political and legal aspects of Utilitarianism, rather than on its more purely ethical aspects. The following generation of Utilitarian thinkers, including J.S. Mill, H. Sidgwick and G.E. Moore, attempted to ground Utilitarian ethics on sound philosophical foundations.
Since the beginning of the twentieth century, Utilitarian arguments and methods have been thoroughly revised. In the past thirty years, they have been at the forefront of debates in normative and applied ethics in the English-speaking world, but remain eitherunknown or caricatured in France.
This special issue will highlight the vitality of Utilitarian ethics and assess its relevance to contemporary moral questions. Articles can deal with classical or contemporary Utilitarianism, normative or applied ethics, or with the reception of Utilitarian ethics in the French- or the English-speaking world.
Proposals (one-page summary with no more than 5 bibliographical references) should be sent before October 15, 2010 to the following address:
Contributors whose proposals are accepted will be notified by November. The deadline for final articles is February 15, 2011. Thearticles will then be submitted to external reviewers. Publication will be conditional on favourable reports from the reviewers.
Articles on other topics related to Utilitarianism will also be welcomed for later publication.

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