sábado, 10 de julho de 2010

Chamada de trabalhos para Conferência da Associação Internacional de Ciência Política - SP

Chamada de trabalhos para o painel "Multi-level governance and regional integration worldwide: the parliamentary dimension", organizado na Conferência da Associação Internacional de Ciência Política em São Paulo, dias 16-19 de fevereiro de 2011. Para enviar um resumo (até o dia 6 de agosto), clique aqui. Para mais informações sobre a conferência, acessehttp://saopaulo2011.ipsa.org/.
Descrição do painel: The increasing role of parliaments in regional integrations, especially from a comparative perspective, has been largely overlooked by scholars of IR and regionalism. Parliaments do not easily find their way between the study of international agreements negotiated by the governments and the informal processes of regionalisation that new regionalist theorists focus upon. Yet, national and regional parliaments are prominent actors of endeavours to integrate regions (in particular, Europe, Africa, and Latin America), and there is a growing trend towards inter-parliamentary cooperation across regions in which the EU plays a leading part. From a theoretical perspective, parliaments are also key to addressing the issues of legitimacy and democratic deficit within regional organisations.
This panel aims at analysing comparatively the role of regional parliaments in Europe, Africa, Asia and Latin America. We invite submissions dealing with the real functioning and output of these parliaments, specially related to accountability and scrutiny mechanisms, attitude of parliamentarians towards regional integration, means and effects of deliberation practices, individual interactions taking place within parliamentary arenas as well as the connexion between parliamentary actors and other actors. The panel also invites proposals seeking to investigate the specific behaviour of parliamentarians from emerging countries vis-à-vis regional institutions.

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