segunda-feira, 6 de setembro de 2010

Socio-Legal Review welcomes contributions for its seventh volume to be released in 2011

Socio-Legal Review aims to be a forum that involves, promotes and engages students and scholars to express and share their ideas and opinions on themes and methodologies relating to the interface of law and society. Socio-Legal Review thus features guest articles by eminent scholars as well as student essays, thus providing an interface for the two communities to interact. The journal subscribes to an expansive view on the interpretation of "law and society", thereby keeping its basic criteria for contributions simply that of high academic merit, as long as there is a perceivable link. This would include not just writing about the role played by law in social change, or the role played by social dynamics in the formulation and implementation of law, but also writing that simply takes cognizance of legal institutions, institutions of governance, power structures in social commentary and so on. Through this effort, the journal also hopes to fill the lacunae relating to academic debate on socio-legal matters among law students.

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