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Call for Papers: Civil Society, Social Movements and Transitional Justice

The International Journal of Transitional Justice invites submissions for its 2011 special issue titled ‘Civil Society, Social Movements and Transitional Justice' to be guest edited by Moses Chrispus Okello, Project Coordinator, Beyond Juba Project and Senior Research Advisor, Refugee Law Project, Uganda and Lucy Hovil, Senior Researcher, Citizenship and Displacement in the Great Lakes region, International Refugee Rights Initiative. 
The deadline for submissions is April 1, 2011. 
Possible topics to be covered in this issue will include:
Survivor/victim organizations and TJ 
TJ as a social movement 
TJ and the international human rights movement 
International civil society and TJ processes 
Relationship between local, national, transnational and international civil 
Political context for civil society operating in periods of transition 
Role of funding and funders: who controls the agenda 
Role of international actors in norm setting and the establishment of models 
Role and influence of civil society – in establishing mechanisms, implementing TJ programmes, advocacy, monitoring and evaluation 
Impact of TJ mechanisms on civil society 
Role of the media 
Role of popular culture 
Engagement of religious actors in TJ processes 
Art and literature 
Civil society, TJ and community-building 
Civil society and schools/curriculum reform 
Limitations of civil society in advocacy (who speaks, who influences?) 
Civil society and outreach programs 
Women's groups and TJ 
Civil society and DDR

Papers should be submitted online from the IJTJ webpage at 
For questions or further information, please contact the Managing Editor at

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