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Revista de Estudos Empíricos em Direito

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Mission and Objectives -

The mission of the Brazilian Journal of Empirical Legal Research is to foster a culture of empirical research within the legal academia. It aims, through the publication of empirical research and theoretical reflections on research, to contribute to a greater openness of the legal academia to a variety of research in different disciplines that address some aspect of law.

The belief behind this project is that the contribution of empirical research data and also methodological and epistemological reflections about this type of research could be factors in the advancement of the knowledge of law as a social phenomenon.

Target Public
The target public of the journal are professors, researchers, and graduate students of different disciplines that may have an interest in any aspect of law.

Editorial Line
The journal will accept papers from different disciplines and methodological perspectives. However, the work must be compatible with the editorial line of the journal, which is focused on empirical legal research.

The journal is open to submissions that fall into one of these three axes: i) results of empirical research about any aspect of law; ii) epistemological reflections on empirical legal research; iii) reflections on social research methodology that could be useful for researchers in the legal field.

It is also foreseen that the journal, at the discretion of the editors, may organize especially themed issues in which the submissions will need to be in compliance with such themes.

Accepted Documents
We welcome articles and reviews for publication. The manuscripts must be submitted in either English, Spanish or Portuguese. We accept only unpublished documents that are not under review for publication in any other journal. The publication of reviews depends exclusively on the discretion of the editors.

Submission rules
For papers to be submitted, the author must register on the journal website, fill out the requested form and follow the instructions for sending a manuscript.

Manuscripts can be sent in Portuguese, English or Spanish.

Papers should consist of between 20 and 30 pages and be in the following format: A4 page, margins (top, bottom, left and right) of 2 cm, 1.5 line spacing with justified alignment. Submitted work that is over the regulatory size may be accepted in exceptional cases. This will be allowed at the discretion of the editors who will take the quality of the contribution into account.

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